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77 Online Business Ideas From the Real World


These are the top 77 online business ideas that work in the real world. Organized in 7 sections and covering the most profitable digital business models of our time (year 2020). Each idea is packed with a description, methods of monetization and a list of the first steps to start making it happen.


What Will You Get?

77 real world online business ideas. Grab and start making it happen.

Essential description of each idea. Helps you understand what is it about.

Monetization Strategies. Ways to make money with the given idea.

The First Steps. The initial important steps of making the idea happen.


What’s Inside?

Online business is a vast topic. In general, the Internet is one whole separate universe. Full of options. Here you can have fun, get informed, communicate, do business, research... Do whatever you want.

During my 20 years of practicing online marketing and business I have stumbled upon and tested many ways to make money online (one of the most enjoyable applications of the Internet in our lives).

I have listed the ways I have experience, those I know more about, and those that various authors or entrepreneurs talk about. The list went over the roof.

At one point, ideas began to flow, and the mind map began to unfold to an unprecedented size. My eyes widened!

It turns out that there are over 200 unique ways to make money from the Internet. Realizing this fact has struck me as incredible, inspiring, empowering.

Abundance is everywhere around us, especially on the Internet. We can earn as much as we want and live the life of our dreams.

That’s why I created this book – to give you ideas, to inspire and activate the entrepreneur in you.

It all starts with one idea…

And you must go through serious and persistent action, dealing with problems and difficulties, pursuing goals and many victories over yourself.


The Most Profitable Online Business Models

Online Media. Blogs monetization, online magazines and other platforms for digital content publishing.

Author / Publisher. Publishing and selling online e-books, books, online courses, video content, etc.

E-Commerce Store. Sell tangible or digital products and services using your own or public e-commerce platform.

Consulting Business. Using your expert knowledge and experience to help people and businesses to improve their life and operation.

Membership Site. An exclusive society / restricted area, access to which you receive after paying of a certain subscription fee (monthly or on annual basis).

Services. Offering various services, using internet as primary marketing and communication channel.

SaaS / Apps. Web or mobile applications providing (semi-) automated services with the possibility of unlimited growth.


The Power of a Business Idea

The idea is the seed we sow and then, if we take good care of it, it can turn into a beautiful plant.

That is why, out of 200+ internet online business ideas, I have brought out the 77 most interesting and directly feasible ideas for you.

My goal was to make a list that not only broadens your horizons in the online business, but also makes it explode through the many ideas and opportunities available to you.

The book is divided into 7 main sections. Each section shows online revenue methods based on one of the major Internet business models.

Each of the ideas is briefly described. I did not want to be exhaustive but to present you with as many good online business ideas as possible. I very much hope they are useful to you and inspire you.

Choose the business model that fits your lifestyle and background.


About the Author

Consultant, Speaker and Entrepreneur

Boril holds a Ph.D. in Business Models on the Internet. He has been working in the field of digital technology and marketing since 1999 and has spent the last 19 years focusing on internet marketing and sales, consulting, affiliate marketing, blogging, web design, writing and copywriting.

Boril is creator of many online courses focused on productivity, marketing and sales, including “Building a Personal Brand and Reputation”, “Total Optimization for Sales”, “Email Marketing for Beginners”, “Introduction to E-commerce”, “The Profitable Website”, “Jump Start in Internet Marketing”, “Ten Habits for Top Productivity”, “Email Marketing Best Practices”, “Affiliate Profits”, “Anatomy of Traffic”, “Business Platform for Success”, “Personal Brand and Reputation Online”.

Boril Bogoev is a well-known speaker with appearances on some of the top marketing and business events like Eventex, Zero Marketing seminars, Social Me Workshop editions, Rotaract club meetings, K2Web Conference, E-Manager Seminars, Travel Academy. He has conducted numerous online marketing, sales and customer service trainings with brands from various industries.

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This is the ultimate list of online business ideas. All tested in the real world. Browse. Pick your favorite. Make it real.

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77 Online Business Ideas From the Real World

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